Enrichment Program

Sons & Daughters is a 20-week drop off program that provides socialization and adds enrichment to your child’s homeschool experience.
There will be one registration for the year, which includes both Fall and Spring classes (10 weeks each). When you register for a class/classes, you are signing up for all 20 classes.
  • Students may take up to five classes. Families choose which classes/hours they will be participating in.
  • Classes are held between 10:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., with a 30 minute lunch period at 12:00.
  • Classes are designed for enrichment, neither grades nor credits are provided.
  • The registration fee is $100 per student for the year (maximum $200 per family).
  • Tuition is $200 per class for the year.
  • Registration packets are due no later than August 17.
  • We welcome new students throughout the year. Please contact the director to ensure that space is available in the classes.
Sons & Daughters Enrichment Program - Kids At a Table Smiling